Project Updates

Arkel Constructors is taking drone footage of this project so we can share in this exciting progress.

Tune in to see the latest updates and footage


Progress is amazing! In this video, note the crew is on the promenade and making incredible strides on the college lawn. Both features will be our college mission in action - improving quality of life across the life span. These spaces will allow students to study, stroll between classes, and enjoy connecting with one another. Offices are taking shape and you can see a glimpse of the future outdoor plaza and terrace space.


Exterior footage shows progress on demolition to make room for the stunning “glass” addition best depicted in the “Outdoor Plaza and Terrace” image under “Naming Opportunities”. We are seeing exciting progress on the interior spaces as well. Office framing is going up and this historic building is seeing new life every day.


More progress. You’ll note the wall is coming down in the back of the pool. The final plans call for this space to be completely open, allowing our students, staff, faculty, and visitors to walk in and out of our courtyard and “outside classroom”.


Restoration is underway! In this video you will see scaffolding going up, our contractor’s command center forming in front of the building, and the hard, yet rewarding work beginning.